The Law Office of Kevin Layde, LLC

The Law Office of Kevin Layde, LLC is an immigration law firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are dedicated to providing competent legal representation to immigrants in the areas of family and humanitarian based immigration, as well as in deportation defense cases. We aim to offer stability, clarity, and positive outcomes to our clients during stressful and confusing periods of their lives.

We take pride in specializing only in the practice of immigration law.  We do not take on cases of any other kind.  This concentration allows us to build comprehensive knowledge of immigration law and procedures to provide the most professional, trustworthy and competent representation to our clients.

Our practice is built on five foundational principles: honesty, integrity, competence, empathy, and humility.  We firmly believe that all people deserve the right to quality legal representation, regardless of wealth, nationality, or immigration status.  We fight to make that belief a reality every day through diligent legal work, compassionate client interaction and a holistic approach to the practice of immigration law.

If you need help with an immigration process, if you want to learn more about your options, or if you simply have questions, contact us today to receive a no-obligation consultation.  

We look forward to meeting you!