Our Five Principles

The 5 Principles of The Law Office of Kevin Layde, LLCImmigration Lawyer Kevin Layde

Our office believes in treating each and every client who walks through our doors with dignity and respect.  As a result, we strive to apply our five foundational principles to our work in every case:

-Honesty: We keep our clients fully aware of what is going on in their case at all times, from the first meeting to the conclusion of representation 

-Integrity: We put the best interests of our clients first and foremost, every time

-Competence: We constantly work to become better legal workers to build the expertise that lets us win challenging cases for our clients

-Empathy: We work to understand what makes each and every case unique and provide individualized services according to individual need

-Humility: We understand that lawyers provide a human service, and we never forget that the client is the most important part of the lawyer-client relationship