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Permanent Residents who have resided in the United States for several years may be eligible to apply for US citizenship.  Other requirements include Good Moral Character and passing a civics examination.  Milwaukee immigration attorneys, Layde & Parra assists clients in determining eligibility, preparing applications and supporting evidence, and attending naturalization interviews at the Milwaukee Field Office.

There is a requirement to complete the interview in English for most applicants.  There are many naturalization classes around Milwaukee which can help clients prepare for the interview; Layde & Parra also has experience requesting medical waivers for individuals who are medically unable to learn English or the answers to the civics questions.

Finally, some people with green cards may already be citizens without realizing it, especially if their parents were US citizens when these people were children.  Layde & Parra has experience assisting these people in securing proof of citizenship, as well.  Call our office for more information.

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