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The Law Office of Kevin Layde specializes in providing legal services to individuals who have been the victims of crime and domestic violence.  Many of these people can apply for special immigration benefits to assist them on the road to recovery from these traumatic experiences.  

There are many misconceptions about these humanitarian types of immigration cases.  The most important details to remember are these:

First, if you have been the victim of a crime in the United States, especially a crime of violence, report this crime to the police and cooperate with law enforcement to the fullest extent possible.  Individuals who have cooperated with law enforcement may have a special visa available to them.

Second, if you are married to an abusive spouse who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident, you do not need to remain living with that individual for immigration purposes.  You may have the ability to file for permanent residency without your spouse’s cooperation, sometimes even after divorce or the death of your spouse.